This UX Design Course is to help you design better products, services, processes, strategies, and experiences. User-Centered Design and Design Thinking helps you develop practical and innovative solutions for products and web applications.

Do you have any Questions?

Please read below Frequently Asked Questions, it will clear your doubts if you have any.

If you are confused, call or email us.

Is it Job Guarantee Program?

No, this is not a Job Guarantee Program but I will help you to get a job by creating good UX portfolio. We will give you references and job openings details.

What do you mean by Internship?

The internship is a program, which allows you to gain knowledge and work experience by doing Assignment projects. In this program, you will be going to work as a subordinate under supervision.

Do you pay any salary during the Internship Program.?

No, as of now we did not think about paying salary.

Do you provide an Experience Letter?

Yes, After Completion of course and internship program you are eligible to get an Experience Letter. From this experience letter, you will be able to get a Job in the Industry.

Why Should I learn this course?

Presently UX market is booming and you will have an opportunity to succeed in the field. Most of the software companies require UX Designers but there is less number of people who are working as UX Designers. This field will be evergreen and if you gain an experience, you can sustain in the market for long.

Is this an Online Learning Course?

This is not an Online Learning Course. We will be running in future. If you are interested in Online Course, please write an email to us.

What are the Qualifications Require?

You should be Graduate or Under Graduate in any discipline. You can learn even If you have a gap in degree and your first job. You should be passionate about understanding Users and Designing.

Any other prerequisite?

You should have Laptop or Desktop, Internet Connection and ready to spend at least 6 to 10 hours at home. Basic Computer Knowledge and Internet Browsing that is it rest of things we will take care.

Can you tell me about Fee Structure?

The Course fee will be divided into monthly. 2 months of course duration so you can easily pay monthly.

If I struck on something what should I do.?

No need to worry about that, you call or text (WhatsApp) even we can connect remotely on specific time.

Timings, Batches and skipping classes?

Morning 8:00 am to 10:00 am, there are only two batches. Week Days and Week Ends. You should not skip not more than two classes. Every hour is important. This course is only for serious learners.

Do you provide course material.?

No, As this program completely based research so you need to observe more and take notes on your own.

Is this an Institution.?

No, this is not Institution. I teach at home.

Is this course for only Hyderabad students.?

Yes, if you are from other city or place send me an inquiry for online training I will be taught in future if a number of students gathered.

How is the course level.?

This course from beginner level to intermediate level and for only recently completed graduate or final year students (why should you waste one year time) also who ever looking for new opportunity in the industry.

Can I learn this course if I am a Graphic Designer or Web Designer.?

Sure, but this course only for beginners the reason is I would like to maintain an equal level of Knowledge.

Can I join if I have a gap after completion of my graduation.?

No Problem at all you can learn this course even if you have a gap.